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Save up to £5000
You save because we don't run showrooms

Showrooms are expensive to set up, run and maintain. They require modernising every 6 months or so with fresh ranges, are staffed sometimes by several members and have huge overheads such as rent, lighting and heating. We Don't Run Showrooms! Although we understand why they are useful, we would rather not pass the cost on to our customers, saving them in the region of £1000-1500 per kitchen. We have state of the art software which will show your exact kitchen look and will bring physical samples with us for you to view instead.


You save because we don't pay commissions

Those slick sales reps who come to measure up are almost always working on a commission or bonus system. The size of these vary from company to company but range from the outrageous to the ridiculas but will come in at £300-800. That is money that is not well spend for our customers. We won't pay these commissions. Our design teams work on a small one off call out fee of £25 which covers fuel and their time. They will only stay long enough to measure, design and price up your kitchen and will not press for a decision. This is both practical and economical for our potential buyers.


You save because we don't stock kitchen units

Warehouse space is expensive to rent and staff. Many kitchen companies store their kitchens as flat packed units and pick them to order. We don't stock kitchens. Every kitchen is made and assembled to order so as soon as it's ready, we deliver it to you.


You save because we don't make profit on installation charges

We have heard some very disturbing stories of kitchen companies, big national kitchen companies, making what must be huge marks up on the installation costs. Prices for installation of £3000-4000 means lotrs of profit for those companies. We don't make a penny on installations. Our installation charges obviously vary depending on the size of the kitchen but usually come in between £1000-1500 (based in the Greater Manchester area). This equals a huge saving for our customers.


You save because we don't outsource to stone companies

Many kitchen companies do not have the time nor resources to install granite or quartz worktops. They simply outsource this part of the kitchen project to a 3rd party but not before tagging on a tidy profit of something like £1000. We don't outsource to other stone companies. Our sister company, Granite Zone, take charge when it comes to installing stone worktops and will do so at a very realistic, competative price.


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